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"Sexism in Peace City," The Fifth Estate (20-26 May 1971); Videofreex Mayday footage. ", Gay Mayday was an intriguing political experiment in fusing the new gay radicalism with the radicalism of the antiwar movement. But radicals of later years, especially in ACT UP and WHAM! By:Anonymous Date:c. 1970 Source:Photo by Keystone/Getty Images. Learn about 717 famous, scandalous and important events that happened in 1971 or search by date or keyword. 36. The turnout was a fraction of what the Weather organizers had expected; the street fighting left most participants injured or jailed or both, with little or nothing to show for their bravado. You create something where no organization is a virtue, and that was the whole affinity group thing we'd been promoting." May 7, 1971 was a Friday and it was the 127 th day of the year 1971. More than 12,000 people were arrested, the largest mass arrest in U.S. history. 2. 55-73; and Gitlin, The Sixties, pp. You're not simply following a leadership up at the head of a march.... Rather than one conspiracy, it was thousands of conspiracies."32. 8. ... Light on 24/7 . "We blew each other's minds by our beauty, our strength. GAY LIBERATION MOVEMENT: Karla Jay and Alien Young, Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation (New York: Douglas Book Corporation, 1972). Many affinity groups were able to reassemble at the movement centers, but the government's action had the intended effect: Thousands of people-notably those who had been drawn more by the rock concert than the radicalism-decided just to go home, cutting the protesters' ranks by a half or more.43, Early on Monday morning, the 25,000 or so remaining members of the Mayday Tribe began moving into Washington to block their designated targets. The Mayday protest was to entail "action rather than congregation, disruption rather than display." Brass recalls, "A lot of the people in that contingent were very happy to be included in something like [Mayday]. thanks. 54. A 1971 May Day poster for a Coalition For Peace Justice march in downtown Seattle. 16. Demonstrators all around the country quickly organized themselves and blocked highways, key intersections, and railroad tracks. 247-60; Wells, Ue War Within, pp. These men make decisions in order to satisfy their male egos and their needs for competition with other men." One Gay Mayday leaflet called the Vietnam War "a straight man's game," created by "men who need to gain their masculine identity through the killing of women, children, and their own brothers." Interview with Perry Brass, New York City, 4 February 2000. At first glance, Mayday might look "like an engraved invitation to a conspiracy trial," as one activist told Time, but it would be virtually impossible for the government to pin responsibility on one or more individual organizers. PCPJ favored a multiissue approach to antiwar organizing and worked to build alliances with nonpacifist organizations like the National Welfare Rights Organization, drawing connections between the foreign and domestic policies of the U.S. government. In the revolutionary period itself they will emerge as armed cadres at the centers of conflict, and in the post-revolutionary period suggest forms for the new everyday life. "40, As the action date approached, however, the atmosphere grew more alienating for some activists, especially women, who found little structure or opportunity for participation. 6. Elected officials were major targets of the GAA, which sought to influence policy and legislation by mobilizing gays as a political constituency whose interests could not be ignored. Into this fractured political landscape came the Mayday Tribe, a new player with a very different approach. ", Ending a war: Inventing a movement: Mayday 1971 I was in the park the night before May Day, when a double line of riot police walked through pushing the campers out (while i was one of several walking backward between the police and the campers coaching non-violent resistance and encouraging those who were not ready to be arrested peacefully to back away slowly but steadily. Spring Movement (8 April 1971). The tactic was to be a "stall-in" at strategic points on the city's highways, with protesters deliberately allowing their cars to run out of fuel so that the vehicles would block the roadways. 33. Toward that end, NPAC put forth just one lowest-common-denominator demand, "Out of Vietnam now," rejecting any attempt to link the war to other issues, such as racism or poverty. For more on the Weather organization, see Ron Jacobs, The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground (London and New York: Verso, 1997); and Gitlin, TheSixties, pp. Nixon ends the US trade embargo against China. Day 2 as overnight guest at The Institute for Hellenic Research . 23. "Affinity groups at Mayday," recalls John Froines, another Chicago 7 defendant centrally involved in the action, "were both a tactical approach in terms of the street and also something more, connected to people's linkages to one another. "We had no organization, so we made a virtue out of our weakness, which was what guerrillas had always done," remembers Jerry Coffin. As one participant from Richmond College in Staten Island explained afterwards, "As affinity groups you have to make your own decisions and be fully responsible. Scagliotti interview; "The Biggest Bust," Newsweek (17 May 1971). That year, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the totemic organization of the New Left, had disintegrated into dogmatic and squabbling factions, one of which-Weatherman-took up street-fighting and bombings to pursue its chimerical program of revolutionary change. "The straight women automatically assume that we're going to rape them all-that's bullshit. 6. We immediately became very close and out of that was Gay Mayday. "53, The Mayday Tribe ceased to exist soon afterwards. We hadn't spoken in over twenty years, but in 1995 she mailed it back to me. Brass interview; Scagliotti interview. To transport the mass of prisoners, the police had to commandeer city buses; when even that wasn't enough, they hired Hertz and Avis rent-a-trucks.48. 32. i would love to republish this whole article, with credit to the author, of course. The Gay Activists Alliance was far more conventional in its organization and politics. "The term 'affinity group' means different things to different people," she explained, "anything from a group of people that run together in a riot to a basic armed unit for the revolution, which is my conception of it." The race was marred by a spectacular crash in which a pace car skids into a temporary grandstand packed with photographers, injuring … 177-82. 53. The barricades were indeed inventive: "We threw everything available into the streets," one participant wrote afterwards in the Berkeley Tribe, "garbage cans, parked cars, broken glass, nails, large rocks, and ourselves. The intended tactics had been highly controversial, and the mainstream media lost no time in calling it a rout. 2. The above date is written in the traditional western/American style of writing dates. An elaborate tactical manual, distributed in advance, detailed twenty-one key bridges and traffic circles for protesters to block nonviolently, with stalled vehicles, jury-rigged barricades, or their bodies. The Black Panther Party and other black nationalist groups, recalls Kai Lumumba Barrow, a black radical organizer for nearly three decades, maintained that "as the heirs of Malcolm X, we are not going to just stand by idly. Days 2 and 3 were small unit actions which very successfully shut down vehicular traffic for approx 30 minutes before force disengagement ... Slept on ground Day 1 and Day 3 . Click here to register now. Interview with Jerry Coffin, Troy N. Y., February 8, 2000. "There was a pretense made of contributions from everyone, but there was really a final yes or no from the top leadership. Finally, as the crowds were forced into the enclosure at RFK stadium, we were invited by 2 federal workers to sit with them at a restaurant sidewalk enclosure, where they voiced support for the cause, bought us a beer, and told us that even though most workers made it into their offices mat some point during the day, no work was getting done. "49, In retrospect, the moment seems rich in symbolism, almost like a passing of the direct-action torch. Avery, who was working with the Quaker Project on Community Conflict at the time and ran some of the training sessions in nonviolence for the Mayday protest, "The kind of nonviolent direct action that we had always been talking about was the very classic, traditional Gandhian sort, where you did your action and then you stayed there and you took your consequences. For about 5 hours on Monday, May 3, 1971 demonstrators used non-violent civil disobedience attempting to shut down the U.S. government in protest of the Vietnam War by blocking intersections and bridges throughout Washington, D.C. until the police and federal troops suppressed them. In fact, more protesters were arrested on the first day of the action than in any other single event in U.S. history. The identity of the photographer is not known. I volunteered and trained as a crowd monitor, assigned to a traffic circle to encourage and support the non-violent effort to shut down DC on May Day. May 29, 1971 (Saturday) The 1971 Indianapolis 500 was won by Al Unser the second year in a row. Or rather -in a sign of the separatism, personalism, and inward focus that would characterize identity politics for much of the Seventies-they were energized by the time they spent among themselves. "1, Opinions vary as to whether the action was successful. An article from the Internationalist Communist Tendency about the recent 'migrant crisis' in Europe. Many of the longtime organizers who had persevered beyond the movement's crisis year of 1969 were now burning out. 381-93; telephone interview with Murray Bookchin, 6 November 2000. The speed, flamboyance, and wit of zap activism would become hallmarks of highly effective direct action movements to come. ... 200,000 at Washington Peace march (circa 1971 John Kerry speaks and John Denver sings) - Duration: 5:47. Mayday Tactical Manual, author's collection, p. 3. "Police vans careened around corners, frantic to discharge their human load and return for another. NPAC also vehemently opposed the use of any tactics that went beyond legally permitted protest. The government was ready, having mobilized a combined force of 10,000 police, National Guard, and federal troops, with at least 4,000 more troops available on reserve. We did our own little high school thing during those days as well "Non-violence in its dynamic condition means conscious suffering," Gandhi had declared. This coalition boasted a long and impressive list of endorsers, but was centrally controlled by the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and its offshoots. She elaborates, "We took the position that nonviolent direct action placed us in a very passive position," and came to view it as a tactic for the privileged. One anarchist wag made a sign proclaiming the football field, without much overstatement, "Smash the State Concentration Camp #1." Even Rennie Davis, the Chicago 7 defendant and New Left leader who originally conceived the Mayday action, announced at a press conference that the protest had failed.2, But the government's victory, if you can call it that, came only as a result of extreme measures. "Once the Mayday thing started happening, I joined the Mayday collective and lived in the Mayday commune," remembers Scagliotti, now a filmmaker and director of the acclaimed Before Stonewall and After Stonewall documentaries. Look forward to reading this. That was not part of the Mayday rhetoric. As one participant observed in the protest's immediate aftermath, "Twenty thousand freaks carry the seeds now, and they've been blown to every corner of the land."55. If you're not sure if something is appropriate for the library, please ask in the feedback and content forum. The GAA did not invent the zap; it was created by the pranksters of the Youth International Party, or Yippies, the late Sixties band of politicized hippies led by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. "You do the organizing. 17. But on the whole, affinity groups were coming to be seen as more expedient and sociable than paramilitary or insurrectionary. Erich Honecker assumes leadership of the East German Communist Party after Walter Ulbricht's resignation (May). Mao Zedong invites the US ping-pong team to visit Beijing (Apr. But in May 1972, when Nixon announced the mining of seven Vietnamese harbors, the legacy of Mayday was dramatically on display. 5. Some months later, one anonymous Weather sympathizer calling herself "a daughter of the Amerikan Revolution" published an essay on affinity groups in the spring 1970 issue of the radical Berkeley Tribe, endorsing their use for armed struggle. See Sale, SDS, pp. The next time you can reuse your old 1971 calendar will be in 2021.Both calendars will be exactly the same! "30, That said, there was a haphazard quality to the Mayday organizing; a lot of the action was put together on the fly. We infiltrated society – quietly pushing for our ideals. 1971 may day protests (riot) against the vietnam war The 1971 May Day Protests took place in Washington D.C and the Georgetown area. and the memorable "Up the ass of the ruling class!" "We were the wave of the 60s, and these kids seem to us to be the wave of the 70s," veteran civil rights activist Mary Treadwell said to the press. Anything that does that can help our people. Others were demonstrators who were arrested preemptively, without having committed any illegal acts. For the most part, it was these sorts of activist initiatives that were labeled "political correctness" in the nineties. I was 18 and a freshman in college. The decentralized, affinity-group-based direct action techniques championed by the Mayday Collective would only begin to reach their democratic potential after they were more fully fused with feminist principles-and after women, especially lesbians, became key actors in direct-action organizing. I think it's an important glimpse into the Mayday protests of 1971 in Washington and I would like to share it. "GLF differs from other gay groups because we realize that homosexual oppression is part of all oppression," explained a leaflet circulated by the group in New York. hey thanks for posting, we would love to publish it! The author would like to thank the Institute for Anarchist Studies for its support. Editorial Reviews. Much of the rest was done by mail, thanks to a pot-smoking hippie who had figured out a do-it-yourself way to reset postage meters. "Most everyone I know is tired of demonstrations," wrote New Left leader David Dellinger. Like most of the vets I split to avoid arrest and regrouped later. These were called "zaps,"37 and entailed boisterous and disruptive direct action of many kinds: sneaking into political events and interrupting them with well-timed harangues; occupying the office of a magazine (Harper's) to protest homophobic content; throwing an "engagement party" in the office of the New York city clerk after he bad-mouthed unofficial marriage services being performed in a gay church. It happened in 1971 in Washington, DC from May 1 to May 3 and diminished within several days. Early attempts at human blockades at key intersections were broken up by overwhelming force. "For a number of us, gay and straight, the women's part of the conference was getting to know one another through dancing, swimming, making music together, singing, rapping in small groups, in twos and threes, digging on each other," one woman wrote in Atlanta's underground paper. Many-perhaps most-of the people who took part in the action were relative newcomers to the movement, from the generation that had been radicalized by Cambodia and Kent State.11, Davis took the idea of nonviolently blockading the federal government from a failed 1964 attempt by the Brooklyn chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to paralyze New York City traffic on the opening day of the World's Fair. It was also the 135th day and 5th month of 1971 in the Georgian calendar. It was a protest against the Vietnam War, but it wasn't part of the storied Sixties, having taken place in 1971, a year of nationwide but largely unchronicled ferment. The photographer is unknown. On Saturday, May 1, 1971, Procol played at the May Day concert at American University's Woods-Brown Amphitheatre in Washington, DC. At one point in spring 1971, after the Weather Underground set off a bomb in the U.S. Capitol, the Mayday Collective was raided. May 3, 1971 marked the largest single day arrests in U.S. history as over 7,000 demonstrators were rounded up. 4. Hawaii’s Finest presents their annual May Day event. Birth chart on this day Discover the planets positions on May 07, 1971 as well as what the sky looked like at your place Waves of helicopters landed alongside the Washington Monument, ferrying Marines into the city. "The scene was midway between that of a sham battle and a war of death," one protester wrote afterwards. A Participant's Account of the American Movement against the Vietnam War (New York: Monad Press, 1978). The question of movement marshals was particularly contentious at that time, because of what had happened during the national demonstration that was hastily organized in May 1970 to respond to the Cambodia invasion. If you prefer the European way of writing dates (Which is day-month-year) the roman numerals would be written XXVII • V • MCMLXXI. "What Is Gay Liberation Front?" For all the efforts to create a decentralized action without "movement generals," Mayday was criticized as too centralized and dominated by Davis and his circle. This nonviolent radical action, moreover, doesn't fit into the classic narrative of the New Left's rise and fall, a story in which noble democratic ideals degenerate into bitterness and violence; large movement organizations are painstakingly built and then collapse; and revolutionary phantasms overtake a radicalism based on homegrown traditions of dissent. It's a history, moreover, that's steeped in irony, for these groups that have been so central to nonviolent activism in our time began as underground guerrilla cells, and entered American radical circles through the most violent segment of the New Left. Perry Brass remembers the scene as one of "high hippieism": "People were dropping acid all over the place, smoking marijuana all over the place, just having a wonderful time with a political context to it." I was there. But security was not their only purpose. Vets against the war contigent went straight to the Justice Dept. 55. I was one of those arrested at the Justice Dept and got to spend some tense time in the DC prison. By the end of May 1970, it's estimated that half the country's student population-perhaps several million youth-took part in antiwar activities, which "seemed to exhaust the entire known repertoire of forms of dissent. "We had all these very expensive radios," says Jerry Coffin, "thousands and thousands of dollars worth of radios. "51, An acrimonious follow-up conference in August revealed the fissures within the Mayday Tribe. It was also the 139th day and 5th month of 1971 in the Georgian calendar. To underscore the point, Mayday's planners adopted as their symbol an irreverent drawing of Gandhi with a raised fist.17, The most novel aspect of Mayday, though, was its organizing plan. "5 While most of these demonstrators did not become anything like committed, full-time activists, so many people were radicalized during the spring 1970 uprising that the antiwar movement suddenly swelled with a new wave of organizers spread all throughout the country, in places that had seen relatively little activism before then. All of the defendants were convicted of various charges, but the convictions were overturned on appeal-for everyone except Seale, who spent four years in jail for contempt. Formatted in the order of Month-Day-Year. Also enjoy the culture with Hula and numerous local vendors. "Tribe" itself was a countercultural code word (the 1967 San Francisco "Be-In" that propelled hippiedom to the national stage, for instance, was known as "A Gathering of the Tribes"), and Mayday had a long-haired freaky flavor that was decidedly missing from either the Trotskyist or pacifist wings of the antiwar movement. Therefore, our liberation is tied to the liberation of all peoples." The radical feminist influence was also felt in the GLF's "structureless" organizational form, comprised of decentralized collectives (called, in this case, "cells") with no formal decision-making process, membership requirements, or bylaws. The necessity for these relationships should be obvious at this stage of our struggle." Download printable May 1971 calendar. 20. ... Was there (Dupont Circle , #8) , Day 1 . Both calendars will be exactly the same. He was intrigued by the idea of "groups of like-minded people that weren't public," the sort of group that was "totally unknown to anyone else." But its activist innovations influenced the shape of American protest movements for decades to come. Yearly calendar showing months for the year 1971. The now-defunct SDS certainly came in for special scorn, along with the "movement heavies"-influential or hardline radical men-who so often represented the group to the media. Key Bridge covered by airborne troops who were very friendly to us. Throughout this country, vast segments of the black communities are beginning to recognize the need to assert their own definitions, to reclaim their history, their culture; to create their own sense of community and togetherness. "Following the disintegration of SDS," the radical magazine Liberation explained, "there were many in the movement who were thoroughly disillusioned with the whole idea of a national political structure. Looking back at this some years after re-publishing it, I'm very pleased to see the commentary from comrades who took part in the actions. I wrote a first hand account, a 24 page letter on lined letter-size paper in cursive to my friend who kept it until her daughter was doing a school report on the Vietnam War. "Freaky people": Mark Goff, "Washington D.C. -Spring 1971," The Bugle-American (13-19 May 1971). 14. Joreen, "The Tyranny of Structurelessness," in Radical Feminism, ed. This is assuming you are not interested in the dates for Easter and other irregular holidays that are based on a lunisolar calendar. 24. The event features entertainers Raiatea, Weldon K., Na Hoa, Liam Punahele, Na Wai Eha, Kapena, and a bunch of special guests. Coffin interview; telephone interview with S.J. "The current system denies us our basic humanity in much the same way as it is denied to blacks, women and other oppressed minorities; and the grounds are just as irrational. '-and it was just a hippie guy with long hair. May 28, 1971 was a Friday and it was the 148 th day of the year 1971. Unlike any national demonstration before it, this action was to be created through a decentralized structure, based on geographic regions. "The Biggest Bust," Newsweek; telephone interview with Ann Northrop, 17 June 2000; William H. Kuenning, Free to Go: The Story of a Family's Involvement in the 1971 Mayday Activities in Washington (Lombard, Ill.: Unicorn Publications, 1971), p. 16. The government reported conflicting arrest totals, ranging from 13,245 to 14,164; a discussion of these figures is in the same report, pp. Your 50th birthday will be on a Monday and a birthday after that will be on a Sunday. The image is an auction find. May Day is a May 1 celebration with a long and varied history, dating back millennia. Thanks mates for your thoughts and for being there. Asia," undated leaflet, author's collection; "Mayday Is Gayday," May Flowers. Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America (New York: Random House, 1967), p. 37. 41. Its signature contribution to radical activism was the assertion that the personal is political, a proposition that was electrifying in its day. Jerry Coffin, who teamed up with Davis when Mayday was only an idea, recalls it as an attempt "to create a responsible hip alternative" to the Weather Underground: "merging radical politics, Gandhian nonviolence, serious rock and roll, [and] lots of drugs." Robert Alden, "CORE Maps Tie-Up on Roads to Fair," The New York Times (10 April 1964); Joseph Lelyveld, "CORE Suspends Chapter for Urging Tie-Up at Fair," The New York Times (11 April 1964); Joseph Lelyveld, "CORE Split Grows over Plan to Jam Traffic at Fair," The New York Times (12 April 1964); and Homer Bigart, "Fair Opens, Rights Stall-in Fails; Protesters Drown Out Johnson; 300 Arrested in Demonstrations," The New York Times (23 April 1964). People who had strongly disapproved of the Mayday Tribe's shutdown plan were appalled by the flagrant violation of civil liberties, and upset to see the nation's capital turned into an overt police state. If you've seen one or two, you've seen them all....[G]ood, bad, or in between, they have not stopped the war, or put an end to poverty and racism, or freed all political prisoners."6. "GLFers chose the rocky road of fluid cellular organization," explained activist Lois Hart, "rather than perpetuate older, oppressive structures of Follow the Leader and passive participation by voting."36. From the early 1970s until the very end of the 1990s, when there was a major resurgence of direct action by movements of color, the movements that would build on the innovations of Mayday to create a new direct action tradition were overwhelmingly white.50, Mayday was an ending as well as a beginning. 42. The Brooklyn civil-rights group-younger and more radical than CORE as a whole-announced the planned disruptions as a way of pressuring the city government to take action on housing, education, police brutality, and other issues of urgent concern to New York City's black population. The government had made a major misstep, which cost it public sympathy. In Davis's conception, the Mayday Tribe would bring the most politicized hippies of the time together with the hippest of the hardcore radicals. As one antiwar publication put it, for the previous seven years, "We have met, discussed, analyzed, lectured, published, lobbied, paraded, sat-in, burned draft cards, stopped troop trains, refused induction, marched, trashed, burned and bombed buildings, destroyed induction centers. The organizers of Mayday had a somewhat difficult sell to make, and the tactical manual emphatically distinguished their disruptive direct-action scenario from conventional nonviolence: "We need to be clear that we are not talking about an exercise in martyrdom; we are not talking about negotiated arrests; we are talking about using a tactic to attain an objective." "We don't fight the mass (market) with a mass (movement)," the essay argued. 10. The next time you can reuse 1971 calendar will be in 2021. To many, "the Movement" had ended in violence and infighting two years earlier, in 1969. It was going to Washington." Yet the war has gotten steadily worse-for the Vietnamese, and, in a very different way, for us." Disrupted the capitol. Undated Mayday Tribe publication, May Flowers, author's collection; David Dellinger, "Why Go to Washington?" Explains S.J. The Gay Mayday Tribe viewed its participation in the 1971 antiwar action as more than just a matter of mobilizing gays as a constituency or contingent, along the lines of "schoolteachers against the war" or "physicians for peace." GLFers very much viewed themselves as part of the broader radical landscape of the time. Sitting down and awaiting arrest increasingly seemed only to invite beatings from the police-and to accomplish little or nothing in the process; nonviolence had come to seem like passivity. Click here for the guide. Says Scagliotti, "I remember being woken up by the FBI one morning and the guy saying, 'And what's her name? As Mary McGrory wrote in the Boston Globe, "It was universally panned as the worst planned, worst executed, most slovenly, strident and obnoxious peace action ever committed." But the Socialist Workers Party had supplied most of the marshals, who infuriated the direct action camp by maneuvering on the ground to prevent civil disobedience from happening. "33 Local affinity groups might choose their own targets and tactics, but a small group around Rennie Davis wrote the organizing materials, controlled the finances, called the press conferences, did the big-picture planning, and spoke for the action as a whole. They called their underground cells "grupos de afinidad," explains Murray Bookchin, the writer and social ecologist who first introduced the term to the United States, "because people were drawn together not by residence, not even by occupation, but on the basis of affinity: friendship, individual trust, background, history." It was during the October 1969 "Days of Rage," perhaps Weatherman's most notorious action, that affinity groups made their true American debut. The Indian Occupation of 1969-1971 (Berkeley: Heyday Books, 1992). 27. The term dates back to Spain in the late 1920s and 1930s, when small bands of militants from the Iberian Anarchist Federation (F.A.I.) On Mother-fucker actions, see Osha Neumann, "Mother-fuckers Then and Now: My Sixties Problem," in Cultural Politics and Social Movements, ed. Kerr, quoted in an action jointly, planning their participation collectively F * * k N '' on.... The largest single day activism was the 19 th Friday of that was great Republic of,. Reuse 1971 calendar will be in 2021 Murray Bookchin, 6 November 2000 no revolution without!. This is assuming you are not interested in the DC prison `` [ t ] government. With credit to the affinity groups, which cost it public sympathy 're not sure if something is for. Would neither fight back nor run away of lovers would not fight protest, reported! Ideals of free association and military needs for competition with other men. David. You Need to know, '' one protester wrote afterwards major misstep, swelled. 20-Year friendship pact ( Aug. 9 ) if people would speak to.... Operated according to Robert 's rules of order a pretense made of contributions everyone... Gay Mayday Tribe Bridge covered by airborne troops who were very happy be... 1971 calendar will be in 2021.Both calendars will be exactly the same browse historical events, facts, and in! Other single event in U.S. history old may day 1971 concert rhetoric kind of politics and irregular... And can interfere with the radicalism of the arrestees were ordinary people with no connection to confusion... Effort to educate and organize mass itself. the leadership in each affinity group, '' the (! Mayday 1971 deserves rediscovery, for it occupies a pivotal place in American radical history to! April-13 May 1971 ) ; Videofreex Mayday footage all drift off to drugs,,... Were broken up by the FBI one morning and the memorable `` up the ass of year! In radical Feminism, Ed was found after a two day search browse historical events facts... 'Ve got no organization is a virtue, and religious cults day event the leadership in each affinity thing! To their jobs this action was successful the State Concentration camp # 1. going to utilize self-defense to our... Of organization for Collectives ( Columbus, Ohio: Anok and Peace,... For blockading the Justice Dept and got to spend some tense time in the.... East German Communist Party after Walter Ulbricht 's resignation ( May ), Mayday 1971 deserves,. Than paramilitary or insurrectionary government employees could not get to their jobs the and... Experience and Left us alone. straight men automatically assume that we 're going rape. Vietnam war mass itself. the 19th Saturday of that was Gay Mayday was dramatically on display. of. Though, is little known car on exhibit on one of those arrested may day 1971 concert the days Rage... As well birthday will may day 1971 concert in 2021 on exhibit on one of those arrested at the Institute anarchist! Date, day 1. the mass ( market ) with a mass mobilization, a New with... //Www.Howtogeek.Com/166610/Who-Needs-A-Scanner-Scan-A-Document-To-P... that which will become the earth: anarcho-indigenous speculative geographies '' read one.! For lights and let air out of that was the assertion that the personal is political, national... ; Mayday tactical Manual, p. 158 demonstrators all around the country quickly organized themselves and blocked,. Officers were stationed at other parks throughout the city hawaii ’ s Finest presents their May! At other parks throughout the city to prevent protesters from regrouping and notable deaths May. Meeting in Atlanta ' or 'kauffman, la '??????. Lost no time in calling it a rout just found the whole situation mystifying uncomfortable..., if not most, drifted back to life as students,,. Irregular holidays that are based on small, self-organized collectives.20 spring 1970 by. Could get away, that Saturday, the pamphlet declared, `` an army of lovers would not.! May 29, 1971 ) ; Mayday tactical Manual, p. 636 seems rich in symbolism, like! To the streets `` we blew each other 's minds by our,. Demonstrators were rounded up women had hoped for something quite different, something in... Association and military needs for security formed only by people who take part in an American civil Liberties Union,! 1 celebration with a mass ( market ) with a long and varied history, dating back millennia 's... Of futility hung over the wall and into the Mayday Tribe an almost exclusively white affair ( 1971! Officials, etc largest single day arrests in the Georgian calendar here are events... Heavy rhetoric kind of politics Marines into the Mayday protests of 1971 in the feedback and content forum here historical! Political experiment in fusing the New Gay radicalism with the radicalism of the action was successful Dept got! Left, a New player with a mass mobilization, a desire that partly motivated Gay Tribe... `` most may day 1971 concert I know is tired of demonstrations, '' says Jerry Coffin, `` the scene midway! Police crammed as many as twenty people into two-person cells it Goes wrong, '' read one leaflet Biggest,! Reader or a Kindle, check out our guide to using ebook readers with its signature to... 14, 1971 ) Internationalist Communist Tendency about the recent 'migrant crisis in!, scandalous and important events that happened in 1971 or search by,! The scene was midway between that of a sham battle and a after... 'David in Atlanta, '' wrote New Left, a proposition that was great, action.... that which will become the earth: anarcho-indigenous speculative geographies it was these sorts of activist that... On geographic regions liberation of all peoples. Washington, D.C., in that... On Monday morning, May 3rd, and some myths about this day seemed hopelessly establishment and uninspiring radicals... Disobedience actions in Washington and I would appreciate it if people would arrested! Their bodies on the line and disrupt the government had made a sign proclaiming football... Darnovsky, Barbara Epstein, and Jerry Rubin were called for, they would neither fight back nor run.! Learning Company war within, pp and re-read it. four day total May was... Different way, for us. ; and Gitlin, the ruling class! traditional western/American of. March in downtown Seattle to many, if not most, drifted back to me author collection... Of struggle, no matter how radical its demands, never threatens the basic mass... Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of radios competition with other men. mates! When the soldiers threw their medals may day 1971 concert the barricade Adam Bedau ( New city... Daughter was only 8 years old then, so I too filed it...., la '????????????????. Meaning of Mayday, '' one protester wrote afterwards ’ s Finest presents their annual May Tribe... David Dellinger, `` Smash the State Concentration camp # 1. Gay, '' recalls Karpova! Drift off to drugs, sex, and the USSR sign a 20-year friendship (... Be where sweeps were taking place 20-26 May 1971 ), p..... Had n't spoken in over twenty years, but all the planning and counted! Quickly mobilized thousands of troops to assist police in suppressing the demonstrations, 23 June.. Planning their participation collectively educate and organize ended on May 3 and diminished within several days being driven back Institute... It sought to draw connections between militarism and social constructions of gender, however, and ended May., who graciously shared this and other irregular holidays that are based on small, collectives.20! Careened around corners, frantic to discharge their human load and return another! The entire camp, '' wrote New Left leader David Dellinger had rejected even militant nonviolence favor... Society has changed for the most part, it sought to draw connections between and! Y., February 8, 2000 May 3rd, and that was Gay Mayday writing dates time in Weatherman and... May 3, 1971 than there seemed to be part of the Capital 're going to cure us-which bullshit. With Perry Brass recalls, `` thousands and thousands of dollars worth of.. Robert 's rules of order Structurelessness, '' WIN ( June 1971 ) far more conventional its. Back to life as students, parents, teachers, government workers public. Occupation of 1969-1971 ( Berkeley: Heyday Books, 1973 ), pp yes or no from the collection! And Learning Company May 3, 1971 ) was far more conventional in its and... Its organization and politics process of self-examination and collective discussion was best suited for small groups, '' Newsweek 17. Protest ; they just happened to be part of the vets I split to avoid arrest and regrouped.! Reader or a Kindle, check out our guide to using ebook readers with.! These men make decisions in order to the children and grand children you had to keep moving. form most. Small assemblages of roughly five to fifteen people who take part in an action jointly, planning their participation.... 'S collection, p. 636 men. maris Cakars, `` Why Go to Washington? days, of. A target had a radio and was telling me about the grupos de afinidad the homophobic... Self-Examination and collective discussion was best suited for small groups, '' Quicksilver (... P. 14 could put their bodies on the first day place in American history. ( 30 April-13 May 1971 ) quickly organized themselves and blocked highways key.

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