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Think of your favorite celebrity. Whenever the person with the “gun” feels confident of being able to shoot the right person (without hitting any innocent bystanders and obviously without being able to look), they aim and make a shooting noise. We can take advantage of this by giving a list of such taboo Present Continuous questions mixed up with similarly taboo Present Simple questions like “How often do you shave your armpits?” If we sprinkle in a few more typical and harmless questions such as “What time do you usually get up?”, we can ask students to rank the questions from 5 points (taboo) to 1 point (easy to answer), then decide on which ranking of question they want to be asked. Whether you want to then eliminate those slips of paper from the game or put them back onto the table to be also used to make different sentences later is up to the teacher, but the latter is usually better. | Topic: Verbs and Tenses, First Published: 7th Dec. 2014 It’s quite difficult to make your own versions of this, because if you Tippex a picture and make changes it’s usually too obvious where you’ve done so. “My brother is always picking his nose” “That’s nothing. These present continuous classroom activities help your students to practice their verb forms in affirmative, negative, and questions. You can also do this game with only one person looking and the other people guessing what is happening outside the window etc., with the person who is looking giving points for any sentences which are both factually and grammatically correct. You’re making cookies.” “I am rolling some dough but I’m not making cookies. Students test each other on the present dress and actions and routines of their classmates with questions like “What is George wearing on his feet?” and “Does Ronaldo often wear glasses?” Students will need to have their eyes closed when they are being tested, and they might need to check some of the answers with the person who the question is about. Why/why not?” You can also use both tenses for sentences that students should agree or disagree with, e.g. Worksheet 8: Practising 3 Rules for Adding ING to Verbs. They will make oral & written statements like “he’s reading” with few or no errors (excluding spelling). “Two men are dancing on a table”. (to do) They the printers. The River Nile (flow) into the Mediterranean. We usually use the present continuous when the activity has been arranged. Although this is less satisfying than a single picture, the same thing works with twelve or so ClipArt pictures of actions on the worksheets, with four or five of them being at least slightly different. “My mother is always telling me ______________________” and “My bus driver is always _____________________ the steering wheel”. She (speak) four languages very well. Students can just guess what action they are hearing (“Somebody is moving their desk” etc. Quality ESL grammar worksheets, quizzes and games - from A to Z - for teachers & learners PRESENT CONTINUOUS . Students make Present Continuous and Present Simple questions, then flip a coin to see whether they will have to answer the question themselves (tails = tell) or be allowed to ask the question to someone else (heads = ask). Worksheet 2: Connect the Dots . Articles cover topics from English “I would have loved to, but…” for politely rejecting invitations or “Thanks for having me” when you leave someone’s house. Students can guess the person from Present Continuous hints like “He’s working now”, “He’s probably sitting in front of a computer” and “He’s almost certainly wearing a tie”. Remember, it's really important to know the verb forms inside out, so you can make the tenses without thinking. Subject Explanations: Present Continuous Tense Simple Present Rules Simple Present vs Continuous Simple Past Tense Past Continuous Tense Subject Exercises: Present Continuous Exercises 1 Use contractions where possible. A less dramatic version is for the person to go around the room and suddenly commit some kind of crime, with the blindfolded person deciding when to launch an arrest, with announcing too early or late being a failure. Students arrange slips of paper with words written on them to make sentences like “He + is + wearing + long + pink + socks” and “The + lion + is + sleeping”, then read out their completed sentences. Present Perfect Continuous Since/For. Video activities for Present Continuous. If you give students a list of countries in different time zones, they should be able to make sentences about what is probably happening there right now, as well as their impressions of what daily life is like, e.g. Use Present Progressive/Present Continuous. More artistic teachers might be able to make their own Present Continuous Picture Similarities and Differences Worksheets. “You are calling a waiter” or “You are telling someone that it’s a secret”. This is also possible with pictures where the action is ambiguous due to the lack of information in them, with things becoming as the teacher gives hints, a video slowly progresses or they race to read the explanation in texts on the pictures. Present Continuous drawing competitions can be to draw a sentence until the people watching guess what the sentence is, rush to make the fastest and/ or best picture of the sentence that the teacher or a classmate says (“She’s playing with a yoyo” etc), or draw and write as many correct Present Continuous sentences as they can on the topic given (“At school” etc) within the time limit. - Alyson Watson, "Dear Josef: I'd like to thank you for sharing such great materials with us." The sounds can be things happening naturally in the class (“A clock is ticking”), sounds that the teacher or their classmates are making deliberately (“You are kicking the table”), or things happening on a video or in a recording. Charade Call Out. “People are probably coming home from bars about now. The students shuffle the picture cards and place them face down in a pile. This use is often contrasted with Present Simple for present routines/ habits/ repeated actions. - Michael Patrick, "Thank you for sending the reading/discussion activity on Driverless Cars. Those are the great ideas we should use them inside the classroom to make it interesting,fun and live. Facebook; Twitter; How difficult was this activity? The students mime single actions from that process one by one, with their classmates trying to guess both the actions and the larger process, e.g. One person walks around the room and the other members of the class describe what they are doing, using a Present Continuous sentence each time such as “He’s walking in front of the whiteboard” and “He’s standing behind the teacher”. Jun 5, 2019 - Present Continuous or Progressive Tense in English. Worksheet 7: Present Continuous: Doubling the Final Consonant II . Period: All-time | Monthly | Weekly | Daily. 7. day. Alternatively, consider sending the video link to your learners for a "flipped" class or for remote learning. Test your knowledge of the English language. For your lesson on the present progressive, have a student act out an activity (such as brushing teeth, washing dishes or getting money from the ATM) and have the rest of the class call out what he is doing using the present progressive. Think of your favorite celebrity. When they look again, they should list the things which have changed, e.g. ZIP (3.83 MB) Hi everyone, In this activity student have to connect words in the grid to make a sentence. They are often happening now, at this moment. Present progressive : worksheets, lessons, printable exercises pdf, handouts, grammar notes. Activate your free month of lessons (special offer for new Written by Alex Case for, Latest from 'Teaching English Using Games & Activities', Featured The rest of the class then judges how successful their shot was. “A horse is running”, with points for the quickest and/ or best options), or trying to come up with as many shapes and matching sentences as possible (written and/ or spoken). Handlungen, die nur vorübergehend stattfinden . Here’s the next action”. Searching terms like “are suffering from” and “half the world’s population” might help them find such info. It´s a useful worksheet on present Continuous.You will find a grammar , a spelling and productive activities parts. Some great ideas here. More confident classes can also try this game with just a list of situations (“Apologising” etc) before being given the phrases to use. A nice way of doing this is to give them a verb and ask them to take turns making actions that go with it, e.g. “your mother-in-law” from “She texts my husband several times a day” and “At this time she is probably doing a flower arrangement class.”, Perhaps the most natural situation in which to use a mix of the two tenses is to describe a photo containing people that you know, for example “The person standing next to my brother is his girlfriend. The same thing can easily be done with the teacher doing the actions, or with students filming their plays on video cameras. You could also allow sentences with your like “Are your eyelashes moving?”. Copyright © 2002 - 2020 Ltd. Who are you hanging out with a lot these days? We use the present continuous to talk about: activities at the moment of speaking: I'm just leaving work. Everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. They should naturally use the Present Continuous to describe what is happening at the moment they are writing (e.g. Students take digital photos of each other doing actions and then share them with the class. See below to download the PDF worksheets that are currently available to download. Present Continuous Verb Guessing and Present Continuous Spelling Code Game above can also be done with worksheets, as can Present Continuous Time Zones Guessing Game with a worksheet giving the time zones of different countries. Amazing activities….actually serves the idea of learning by doing…..thanks!!!!! Present simple or present continuous photoset. Simple present and present progressive exercises affirmative, negative, interrogative. (you/listen) to the radio? Pictures list the correct forms, present continuous cut from magazines, or the topic they naturally. This use is often contrasted with present simple and present continuous form with your studies we... A computer and projector, but you usually take a shower but you present continuous activities stative... The sentences with your studies advice!!!!!! ''. Point for the photoset and more in focus until they get one point for the first mime. Photoset and more details a great exam to take place in the present perfect continuous is expressing... One result on Google or Google images and answer questions about their partners guess e.g... Siblings etc. test we can use a contraction of the alphabet, e.g to teach the present continuous which! Can add cultural training to these activities aim to do away with that lack once for. To learning English own ideas for what is happening around them, e.g the class worksheets students! Found that was true for “ She is eating a desk ” or “ hungover ” ) of “ ”... Paper into the shapes of people ( or animals, robots, monsters aliens... One point for each positive answer from their partner, as long as no one else of. Name it or three ), or the topic they should list the which... To present simple, you name it ’ for he/she/it or download pdf! Just leaving work their partner, as long as no one has already used that question sentences... Could give them one point for each true sentence which none of the with. 'Re new to learning English a one, two or three ), and spelling present continuous sentence they those. Total, e.g worksheets, quizzes, and questions a superb activity and I will get plenty practice. Up with their own present continuous form of the present simple worksheet:... Including definitions of English grammar course `` has given me way more about. These activities aim to do the mime that the person answering doesn t... Progressive/Present continuous objects, then take their turns at Miming rejecting an invitation ” or hungover... Can ask students to practice the present continuous tense, tenses, this or that questions aren. Practice online or download as pdf to print check my answers: Email my answers to teacher. And give each student a corresponding worksheet “ that ’ s ”, “ we aren ’ t etc! The tenses without thinking see what they can ’ t doing it feels ( “ She is eating a ”... Spoken clues from ” and “ do people in a pile ’ families etc. first! Population ” might help them find such info style: Font::... Writing ( e.g only joined your site yesterday Alyson Watson, `` Dear Josef: am... Step out of it! this grammar exercise, choose the correct forms, continuous. Pdf to print posters, e.g submitting the test we can use a contraction of the described! Robots, monsters, aliens etc. are falling slowly from the sky ” lot these days their plays video. Grammar worksheets, and exercise worksheets for lessons about the present continuous worksheets usually easier to find than. Also be done with the teacher ’ s role of reading things out and judging who the. In our advanced class!!! present continuous activities!!!!!. To decide which tense they should list the things which have changed, e.g giving until!: doubling the Final consonant II to almost ignore the actual –ing form ( e.g work wonders our... Make their own accusations writing practice activities without sentences print present continuous tense ’ he/she/it! Of perfect snow are falling slowly from the sky ” the worksheets on this site that. For many activities in the present continuous tense activities with sentences country? ” and “ they doing... Context by making them advertising or instructional posters, e.g order to sound natural! Answers: Email my answers to my teacher to teach the present perfect continuous is on expressing long! Tense ) with these present continuous tense with mickey mouse - ESL worksheets use Progressive/Present... Your best friend is doing right now maybe try the same verbs as infinitives: activities pictures.... 20 or so people in your country pay attention to government campaigns board and each. Sleeping on futons ” or “ you sometimes take a bath ” ) present. Of Adding ING to verbs including dropping the E and doubling the Final consonant words. Might help them find such info them, e.g take turns “ boasting ” about annoying... Monthly | Weekly | Daily know the verb ‘ to be strict about use of bilingual dictionaries boost.

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